Friday, January 19, 2007


So I had to go to the dealership today to have a part fixed on our van. While we waited, there was this older woman about in her 70's. Whenever Reagan spoke a little loud, our Lincoln pulled a magazine off the coffee table she would sigh loudly and noticeably disagreed with how my children where behaving. Why do older people act this way, for goodness sake, they are 3 and almost 1 years old. They are not trouble making kids, they are just normal kids. Not all old people act this way either, I have had several grandparent type individuals be very nice and tell the kids funny jokes. I don't' get it. So we left and went for a walk to T.J that place.

The best part of today is that it is Friday.....which means I can sleep in and Daddy has kid duty Saturday morning!!

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