Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Weaning 101

The kids are sick and my house is a mess. I hired a cleaning lady to come every other week, she starts next week, I can't wait!!!
I'm trying to wean my son from breast feeding, and this has been very hard. We are going on a weekend trip in February and he needs to be weaned by then.....we are not taking the kids. This will be the first time since he was born that we were able to get away by ourselves.......I'm so excited. Weaning has been hard because I just want to give it to him when ever he wants it. So far I am down to 3 times a day, then 2 times a day then he goes to Nana's house cold turkey. I know he will be fine because he loves food. Plus maybe I can start loosing weight.
Okay need to take a shower and get ready for the day and clean the house, my daughter is going to Nana's house so I can clean and run some errands.....yippee :)

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