Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Tim had the day off yesterday which was perfect because I had to sign Reagan up for preschool and Monday was the first day it was open to the public and as of last week there was 1 spot left. So I got up at 6:30am put on my jeans and a sweatshirt, stopped by Starbucks and went to the school to wait. The lady who let me in said, "you do know you will be waiting for an hour?" I said, "yes, there is only one spot left and we need it." So I read my times magazine and not after too long another lady showed up and then a couple of more and most wanted my slot, so I'm glad I got there early. We got the spot and it was worth it, its a very good school, the lady next in line after me is a public school teacher, so that should tell you something.
The things we do for our children.

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