Friday, February 9, 2007


Lincoln has an ear infection, his 4th ear infection in 5 months. Our doctor referred us to an ENT and he has an appointment/evaluation on the 21st. Reagan just had her adenoids just taken out in November with the same ENT so we pretty much know the drill. This time the ear infection was so bad that he had green goo oozing from his left looked like a runny nose but from his eye. Then the next morning his eye was glued shut and all swollen, poor guy. He is doing much better today, my Mom came and got Reagan for the afternoon and Lincoln and I are going to go run some errands after he wakes up.
Part of me feels like why does he keep getting ear infections, I have breastfeed him this entire time, the first time he was ever sick was with the first ear infection back in October. I hope tubes will be the answer because it hurts when your kids are sick.
Our daughter has had a couple of falls and the result was she bit through her lower lip right on the part that meets the face skin, where lip liner would go. So this requires a visit to the plastic surgeon, and she is pretty much fine, its just me that needs a Valium because I was a wreck. I guess I'm one of those mothers, maybe because my mom was but who knows.

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