Saturday, March 31, 2007

Field Trip

So I took the kids to OMSI on Wednesday and on the way there I realized that it was spring break. But it was too late, I had already told Reagan, so there was no turning back now.

OMSI stands for Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, it is way cool with a discovery room just for kids 6 and under and in that room there is a large sand box, a water table and they provide water proof aprons and rubber boots of all sizes. There is a craft room, baby areas with a fish tank and stuff or the little guys, a puppet area, building block area, snack area, a new wildlife area with animal dens and a cave, it truly is a fun place to go for kids and adults.

So we played in there for about an hour, took a break and had lunch and then explored the rest of OMSI which includes a giant ear and aging machine, bugs and insect room, a bone room, water and engineering area, weather station so you can be the weather man.

There is also a whole other wing that is for older kids with a science lab, physics lab, ball inventors room, wind station, I can't even remember all the different hands on projects kids can do, it was again so much fun, oh and there is also an Imax theater and a submarine.

On the way home Reagan said, "Mom that was a great day, thank you Mom for taking us to OMSI." And it wasn't too crowded and we did find a close spot to park, but that is because we always pray for a "sparking spot."

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