Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Car...old car...a prayer...and a knock

So about 6 months ago we bought a Toyota Prius because Tim commutes about 45 miles to work and our old car was just that old. He did get great gas mileage in the Civic but compared to over 50 miles to the gallon it was a no brainer for our family. Plus we still have our Odyssey which we love!! So then a bunch of things happened and the person that was going to buy the civic ended not being about to afford it.

So it sat in our garage for 6 months and a couple of weeks ago Reagan asked who was going to get the red car and I said I don't know but lets pray that someone will see it and ask to buy it because we haven't had the time to get it ready and advertise it.

Two days ago there was a knock at the door just after I put the kiddos down for their nap and it was our neighbor who just had twin boys back in September. She asked if we bought a new car and I said yes and she then asked what we did with our old car and I said it was in the garage. She then said that they wanted to buy it....... My jaw is just open and I said you haven't even looked at it and she said I think it is exactly what we have been looking for. So later that night her husband came over and said, yep this is exactly what I want, and Tim said well let me get a new battery and a tune up.

Yippee, praise the Lord!!! I get my garage back :)

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Julie's Blog said...

Great story! I check your blog all the time and was happy to read an update. The power of prayer, positive thinking, "The Secret", or coincidence - it is great how things can work out.