Sunday, March 11, 2007

Reagan's prayer at dinner tonight

We had Tim's birthday dinner at his mom's house tonight with his brother's family and Reagan just started praying even though her older cousin was just about to start but our little Reagan beat her to it. So she said.....
Dear God,
Thank you for the food, and the trees, and the and the and the our privates and the park with the spiders, Amen.

Yes, you read correctly, Reagan thanked God for our privates. That is what we call the girl parts and the boy parts on our bodies, she will learn the correct name but for now they are just our privates. We laughed so hard we were crying, his brother was rolling and you just don't know what to say after that.


Anonymous said...

A couple of days ago, Reagan said to me, her Nana Shannon, "I'm going to heaven tomorrow!"

I asked her why she said that, she answered, "Because, in heaven they don't take any naps!"

Scott and Shana said...

That is TOO funny!