Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dry all night

So I haven't posted about this yet but Reagan will not go number 2 on the toilet, she will wait until bed time when we put a diaper on her then do her business. Well, 2 nights ago we told Reagan that tomorrow night she was going to wear panties to bed. So, last night we put panties on her and after she fell asleep I wanted to go back in and put a pull up on her but Tim said we hadn't let her go all night in panties in a long time.

I guess I should have said that we tried this about 4 or 5 months ago and it was well a nightmare. She was up until 11pm because she kept having to go to the bathroom, and she did go every time but we realized she wasn't ready yet. That is also how I figured out how to layer her bed with waterproof mattress pads and sheets so I only needed to pull off the wet sheet and pad and bam! there was a clean sheet already on the bed, it was a life saver in the middle of the night when I was dead tired.

So, I deferred to Tim last night and was actually waiting for Reagan to come into bed with us at some point letting us know she was wet. Well, when Tim went to work he went in and checked on her and guess what....she was dry!!! I told Tim he was right and I'm glad I gave Reagan the chance. So, at 6am when Reagan came into our room I asked her if she was wet and she said no mom, I'm dry, and again I was really surprised. So, we went to the bathroom and then she crawled into bed with me and I went back to sleep because Lincoln wasn't up yet, but Reagan wasn't going back to sleep so I told her she could go play quietly in her room.

I'm still very shocked that she was dry all night, now she just needs to go number 2 on the toilet....I mean she can't hold it in forever.....right?

Any suggestions would be great. Just so you know, first we told her that if she goes poopy on the toilet we would go to Disneyland (we already had planned the trip but we thought it would be good motivation, well she went poop on the toilet 2 days before we left but then it was nothing for months). Then we tried a special toy that sat on top of the fridge for 5 months, then she went on the toilet and she got it the toy. Then she went again on the toilet because I told her if she went poop on the toilet we would go to the local children's museum where we have a membership, and bam! she went but only a very tiny one but we went to the museum to celebrate. Now, it has been nothing since.

She eats an apple a day and is not constipated, so I think she holds it in for control, I mean she is 3 1/2 years old and has very little control over other areas of her life and maybe this is the one thing she can control?

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