Sunday, April 29, 2007

He's gone

Well, I got up before the crack of dawn to take Tim to the airport for a business trip to NY, he will be gone until Friday evening. This is not the first time Tim has had to go out of town for business. When Lincoln was 3 months old he went NY for a week he left on mother's day and then a month later another trip to NY and he left on father's day. But this should be his last trip for a long time.

I have lots of things lined up for us to do and family/friends to eat dinner with while he is gone to keep us busy.

The nice weather has returned for now, but later in the week it is going to rain, it always rains.

Oh, and while Tim is gone I'm not going to drive my van because the gas prices are $3.25 a gallon. Tim drives a Toyota Prius and it gets like 50+ miles to the gallon, so I will be using that the whole time Tim is gone. I can't wait till they make the Honda odyssey in a hybrid.

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Scott and Shana said...

Once we move down from Alaska, we will probably buy a hybrid too!