Monday, April 16, 2007

New Dr.......(updated at end)

So, our old doctor is retiring and its a bummer because we love him and finding a suitable replacement would be difficult. I asked around and found a young doctor who just started his practice 2 years ago and is accepting new patients. We got to see him and he is wonderful to say the least, he doesn't live far from us, he is not going to retire anytime soon. He and his wife just had a baby girl and guess what they named her.........Reagan just like our Reagan....its awesome!!

So I had a feeling that my allergy doctor wasn't treating me as best as he should. He kept asking me to do the allergy shots and when I said no, he started treating me differently. So, when I saw Dr. Awesome, he said that I was on the weakest allergy medicine for our area and was the least effective, he also said lets see what your allergic to and I said I don't want to do that crazy test on my arm and he said that they don't do that anymore....I was shocked because that is what my crazy allergy doctor wanted to do!!! So I said yes I want to know what I'm allergic to and its just a simple blood test. The Dr. called today and I'm only allergic to one thing.....can you guess....grass. Just plain old grass, so now I'm on Allegra and its been great so far.

My friend Julie sent me this article in the NY Times on testing for allergies.

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Anonymous said...

I even knew they didn't do those test anymore. I read it somewhere. It is shocking how some doctors don't keep up. They do make more money with the shots and that is what the article was saying, now that I recall. Good thing you stuck to your guns.