Tuesday, May 1, 2007

deep cleaning....(Updated)

So, while Tim has been gone I haven't done the dishes at all...I know they will get done today.

But what I have been doing is deep cleaning. I reorganized my dresser drawers, put away my larger clothes and my pre-pregnancy clothes because I'm not there yet, I'm at the inbetween clothes stage. I flipped the matress but I think I need to flip it back because I haven't been comfortable sleeping in the bed, it has been terrible....that or I just miss having Tim in bed with me....I've been freezing at night too.

I am also tackling the office/guest room, I shredding so much paper last night I was certain I was going to wake up the kids....but I didn't. (Updated....I killed the shredder...it only works in reverse and that doesn't do me any good. Its a good thing that we have two.) I'm also going to move the bed to a new location, so it is up against the wall and the room looks like a war zone but I have a system. The young life group in our town is having a huge garage sale to raise money for camp this summer and they will be coming this week to pick up a bunch of stuff from the office. I want to make a space in the office for my scrap booking, I need a place where I can leave it out and come back to it, right now I use the dinner table and that isn't working.

Reagan is having a sleep over at her Nana's house tonight which will be fun for her and give me a break as well. Lincoln and I will have a good time and after he goes to bed I will go to work in the office. I want to get it done before Tim comes home. Whenever I go out of town with my family and Tim can't go or like when I went to San Fran with my Mom, Tim does special things for me either planting flowers or doing things on the honey do list, so now that he is gone I want to do this for him.

Ciao for now.

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