Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It worked

Last week I said I was going to call the doctor because I was still in pain, well.....something happened when I was sleeping Friday night and when I woke up Saturday pain was gone. The deep tissue massage worked, I was in pain for 2 solid days and then nothing the pain is gone. Today is the last day I'm taking the prednisone and I don't need the viccadin anymore.

We gave Tim his Father's day present last night because my Great-Aunt Patty died and her funeral is the day after Father's day in Kalispell, MT and the kids and I are going to go as well as my parents. Tim is going to stay home because he has to work. So, we gave him is present last night and he was very surprised. We got him the Canon 30D digital professional camera, it can take 5 frames per second, we had fun last night taking picture's of the kids, I will post later. I found the best deal at if you were wondering. We have our old digital Canon Rebel if anyone is interested in buying it, if we can't sell it we will just keep it as a back up.

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