Thursday, May 3, 2007

Its done...

I took 6 bags of garbage to the dump last night and reycled 5 boxes full of mixed use paper. 3 of the bags of garbage was just shredded paper alone.

Young life kids came by and picked up:
  • 1 tv
  • 1 oak entertainment center
  • Tim's nintendo game cube he has played once since Reagan was born
  • 6 games, and 3 controllers
  • 2 side rails so the kids don't fall out of the bed
  • 1 end table
I added 2 tables that can fold up from Costco, and 1 scrapbook organizer that has wheels.

Everything has been sorted into boxes that then need further sorting or is in piles on the bed. We have at least 8 different kinds of electronic storage bags, 4 camera bags alone and we only own 3 camera's and only use 2.

Need to run, Tim comes home tomorrow...we miss him so MUCH!!

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