Friday, May 25, 2007

Update on my back

My back isn't much better, I am going to call the doctor on Tuesday and get some physical therapy.

Tim was able to get off work a little early so we are going to see Shrek the Third in the theater...Reagan is so excited. She loves the theater, popcorn, soda, and candy, but we aren't getting all of those things. Tim just called and said it was $31 for the whole family, even Lincoln, he mentioned that he could have bought 2 DVDs, but we are making memories.

We have a lot of yard work planned for this weekend and decorating graves on Monday. Tim's dad, sister, uncle, and grandpa are all buried in a cemetery not far from our home. We cut flower's from our yard and combine them with store bought flowers to make the graves beautiful. We also have 2 rose bushes that are the Ronald Reagan rose and the Mister Lincoln rose, so we make sure put them in the mix as well.

Have a great Memorial day weekend!!!

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