Sunday, May 6, 2007

I never thought I would be in People Magazine

So, while I was cleaning out the office/guest room I found the People Magazine I was in….yes you read that right, I was in People magazine back in October of 2006. I attended a fundraiser for Craig Schelske, he was running for congress back in 2001. A picture was taken and it was in our local paper.

Well, so fast forward 6 years, I’m in bed and the whole Sara Evans dancing with the stars, country music singer is getting a divorce to her husband Craig Schelske is everywhere. Its about 9:45pm, I’m in bed watching something when I get a phone call from my cousin Shelly who lives 4 hours away telling me that I’m in People Magazine, I tell her she is crazy and she said, no I’m not I went back to the store and bought the magazine and it is definitely you!”

So, what do you think I do that very next morning? I go to our local grocery store and I put the kids in the cart and grab the People and read it in the bakery department. I yelp when I got page 59, sure enough there I was, I said it out loud I couldn’t believe it and 3 other ladies heard me and said, what? I sheepishly told them and they where so excited, it was just weird. So, I when I checked out of the grocery store there were 7 copies of People Magazine in my cart….hey its not everyday your in People Magazine!

The October 30, 2006 issue, I'm on page 59 and Madonna is on page 60. Why couldn't it have been the most beautiful people issue….. that would have been awesome.

It's me about to shake Craig's hand in the lower right corner with Sara standing behind him.

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