Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Beware.....updated..updated again

I just was reading another blog and she said that her son has had a rash and her brother suggested it might be the fire retardant in the car seat cover. She added the link to her page I will add it here
It tells you which car seats have high levels of this fire retardant and which ones with the lowest.

Lincoln has had "eczema" on his legs since we moved him to his big boy car seat the Britax marathon platinum. I checked and his car seat has the highest volume of this fire retardant (brominated flame retardant (BFR).)

I feel horrible that he has been exposed to this but the quick solution is an old car seat cover that was Reagan's, we ordered her a new one because her old one was all faded and badly stained. Until I can find Lincoln a seat that is 100% cotton or hypoallergenic for his sensitive skin.

I did find out that Britax has pulled replacement covers off the shelf because people were buying new covers and selling old car seats as new. So, now I have to go directly through Britax and they are on the east coast and close at noon on west coast time, so tomorrow morning they will be getting a call from me.

I just got off the phone with Britax and they are sending me a new cover, the brownstone pattern at no cost to us!! I'm so glad that they are a responsible company and replacing them at no cost.

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Julie's Blog said...

It's always something.... You just have to be vigilant and you are.

Scott and Shana said...

I would have never figured that one out!