Friday, June 8, 2007

A few things on my mind

My brother's myspace page says, "I'm tired of celebrities." I couldn't agree with him more. I knew it was time to turn off the TV when it went to breaking news that Paris Hilton was going back to jail....I mean who really cares?

We came to an agreement with the landscapers and on Tuesday they will unearth the old tree's and plant the new tree's that we bought, we paid for the trees and he does all the labor and we are even. The tree's we picked are just beautiful, I will post before and after picture's when its all done.

The Beavers baseball team is hosting the Super Regionals against Michigan this weekend. Both Tim and I are OSU Alumni and were hoping to go and support our alma mater. Tickets went on sale Thursday morning to the public at 7am online. I just wish I was able to have bought a ticket. I was up at 6 am turning on my computer, getting the right web page loaded and then I waited. Around 7am, nothing, and then more nothing, then a page saying it would refresh every 60 seconds and that there were too many people. When I did get a screen an hour later, it said they were sold out of reserved but they had GA available, but they didn't. It sucked, when in this day an age I can buy an item on eBay with 3 seconds left and beat someone else out why with my high speed connection couldn't I get it and buy tickets.

We are extremely proud of the Beavers, we got put on the waiting list for season tickets, so hopefully we won't be in this position next year.


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