Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Our Sally

I just need to say that we love our cleaning lady Sally. She comes every other Tuesday and 2 weeks ago she couldn't come because she was sick. We did alright and kept the house clean, but it was so nice to have her back. The kids just love her, Reagan follows her around the house with her own little broom, dust pan, and duster pretending to clean. A while ago, I asked Reagan to clean up her room and she looked at me with a confused look on her face and said, "why, Sally cleans my room for me." I told her that Sally only changes her sheets and vacuums her room, and that it was Reagan's job to put her toys away and dirty clothes in the basket.

When Sally called us 2 weeks ago to tell us she was sick, I told her to get her rest and to not worry about us, and then I told her that we loved her. She told me today that after we got off the phone she just cried because she had been feeling so awful and that we had made her feel so loved. All of her grand kids live either in the state above us or below us and she said that when she comes to our home she gets to feel like a grandma again. Sally also cleans my Mother-in-laws home and that is how we found our Sally. Sally feels like family, and after she has left I feel so much better about my day and our home, she always brings us back to square one.



Anonymous said...

That was a nice blog. People like to be appreciated....
What a cute illustration! Where do you find those?
It is great to have a good housekeeper. I had a great one in Salem. I paid her to drive in from Scio.

Christy said...

Who are you anonymous, you didn't sign your name? Tim bought it at best buy, its called "The big box of art, 410,000 pieces of clip" it was about $40.

Julie's Blog said...

I was but now am no longer "anonymous". I just wanted to comment and not have my blog listed. I wondered if you would know who sent it, but my name wouldn't come up on the site. Now I know.
Shirley was the name of our housekeeper. We would blame her if we couldn't find anything or something was in an oddball place. Now, I just blame Lee Ann.