Friday, June 15, 2007

Road Trip

My great Aunt Patty died 3 weeks ago and her funeral is Monday in Kalispell, MT. My parents, me and the kiddos are taking a road trip to Montana the great big sky country.

I went to Montana State for 1 year and during the winter I realized that I was not cut out for all this cold when my eye lashes froze shut when I would go from one building to another between classes. At the end of the year I packed all my belonging into my tiny truck and made the 10 hour drive home in 8 hours...come on no speed limits in Montana, I just told my parents that I had a good tail wind.

So anyway, we leave tomorrow morning we are not going to pull some crazy make it in one day thinking kind of trip. We are stopping in Spokane and then making the rest the next day. Tim cannot take the time off because he is already taking lots of time off this summer and just can't.

The List:

  1. I have the trusty built in DVD player for the kids and all our loads of movies and their head phones that I'm sure will make them go deaf but we will have peace.
  2. Our 2006 Honda Odyssey has 15 cup holders so we are good on places to put drinks.
  3. Snack galore, bananas, apples, strawberries which I'm sure the kids will want nothing to do with and only eat the pringles.
  4. 1 large cooler
  5. 1 small cooler
  6. books, color crayons, and toys
  7. 1 stroller, Reagan can walk
  8. first aid kit
  9. 1 gallon of water for whatever, pop, ice, milk, and yogert.
  10. Reagan's little potty for those times we are on the Interstate and we just passed the last rest stop for 45 miles.
  11. coats
  12. sound machine for Lincoln when we go to bed
  13. pack n play
  14. the kids special blankets and lovies (Lincoln's dalmatian dog named Abe, and Reagan's soft baby named baby).
  15. 2 car seats
  16. suit case packed with lots of diapers, clothes and whatever else from the bathroom and that will fit.
  17. Camera
  18. Did I forget something....?? I'm sure I did it always happens.
Did I mention that my Dad is taking his own car and my Mom will be traveling with me in our nice big van, we will pick up my Aunt and Uncle in Spokane (my Dad's brother and his wife). The girls will be in the van and the boys will be in the mustang with my Dad's new GPS gadget.

I have never taken a long road trip with the kids, so say a little prayer for us tomorrow and the whole time we are gone. I will let you know how it all goes, I might even update if we stay somewhere that has Internet.

Oh and my best friend Emily is going to have her baby on Monday and I'm going to miss it and I feel awful, so I can't wait to get back and meet your little baby boy!!

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