Sunday, July 29, 2007

Family birthday party 4 Reagan later the same day

Reagan was so happy, she had a great day!

Cousins in the bounce house this time.

This picture is to show you how big this thing was,
we had know idea it was going to be so large.
We had such a great time with it.

We had another pinata, but it was a pull string type,
never seen that before.

We had a different cake for her family party,
its a castle in case you were wondering.
I also love how Lincoln is watching his big sister.

Reagan received $100 from her Nana B,
Tim says she wants to get a Nintendo wii.
But I don't think that is what Reagan has in mind for her money :)


Lee Ann Donaldson said...

My brother convinced me I wanted a Nintendo 64 or Super Nintendo when I turned 12. So Tim might have learned that trick from Scott. Happy Birthday Reagan!

Scott and Shana said...



well... maybe not. Happy Birthday Reagan!!

Christy said...

Tim said that they (Scott & Tim) had a lot of fun with Lee Ann's Nintendo. I believe you Lee Ann :)

The Shannons said...

I would agree with Tim on this one. We got Dad to play the Wii this weekend and he had a blast. He actually beat Danielle at bowling.
It was a lot of fun! Christy, Dad is bringing a card and a gift for Reagan. We have also bought a subscription for Highlights High Five, its designed for kids from age 2-6 yrs old...Enjoy!