Monday, July 23, 2007


Ever since we flew back NY we have had nothing but humid weather. Tim said that the Northwest is never humid.....I think he jinxed us. Is that how you spell that word "jinked" also meaning cursed? I tried to look it but couldn't find any answers, so if anybody knows please fill me in.
Thanks Julie for the correct spelling of Jinxed, I should know things things since my Mom was an English teacher....I wasn't a very good student in that department.

I off to the doctor's this morning, my allergies are back at it again, hopefully there will be some relief in my future.

Also this week, we are getting ready for Reagan's friend birthday party Saturday morning with a rented bounce house, and her family party that afternoon. We decided to have 2 because she has so many friends that it was too much to have it as one big party. With in a 4 week span between July and August she has 4 friends having birthdays not including herself, so its a busy time for us.

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The Shannons said...

You guys don't even know humid! Try living down here for a while!