Saturday, July 7, 2007

The muppets take manhattan....updated

Tuesday is the big travel day for us. We will be leaving the house just before 6am, pick up my Dad and then head to the airport(my Dad is going to drop us off and pick us up when we get back), we are headed to the big apple, beach house in Maryland, and a stay with family on Long Island....not necessarily all in that order.

This is the first time Lincoln will have his own seat and we are going to use his car seat, as you know he uses the britax marathon car seat and we have this really cool attachment called the go go babyz travelmate. It attaches to his car seat so we can roll it through the airport instead of schlepping it around. We used it with Reagan when we went to Hawaii a couple of years ago. It was great going through the airport, it was a little tricky securing the car seat with the go go babyz, we needed the seat belt extender from the flight attendant and it did put her close to the tray table, but we couldn't use that anyway with the car seat in the airplane.

Updated portion: I checked the manual again and it says that the travelmate should not be attached when you secure the car seat to the airplane seat....whoops. So now I'm wondering if it is worth it to attach the thing when we get to the airport, then right before we get on the plane I have to detach it and then after we land reattach it? I guess we will start out using it and if it just becomes to much of a problem then we will just gate check it.

This will be Reagan's second time flying without using her car seat, we are checking her new booster seat (they aren't safe for airplane use).

I have so many lists for this trip, like how many suitcases are we bringing, what will go in each suitcase, what clothes to bring for the kids, how many diapers will we need? What items to put in the carry on for Lincoln, Reagan has her own carry on. What movies to bring for the portable DVD player, we all can't sit in the same row on the plane so we will have to share. What medicine do we need to bring and do we have enough of our prescription meds for the trip. We are only bringing 1 stroller, it should do us just fine. We are bringing a small suitcase just for our shoes, swim diapers, Reagan's floaties and other misc. items.

I know we will forget something it always happens, I just hope its not something really important.

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