Friday, August 24, 2007

The backyard

We have decided that we are going to get the kids a play structure thing for the backyard. We don't have an overly large backyard and its not small either. We didn't get the big one from Costco, the price was right, but it just would have been too big for our moderately sized yard.

We have decide after a long search and several show room visits to go with Backyard Adventures play set from The Kids' Backyard Store.

This picture is basically the play set we will get, ours will have a 6 foot high deck and a 12 foot rocket slide and one swing arm for one swing. The kids (mainly Reagan) are very excited about this.

Tim and I will have to get an area for the play set ready, meaning taking up part of the grass that we laid ourselves in the pouring rain in cold October and broke our backs over but saved us over $2500 dollars by doing so. Tim has not looked forward to this nor have I, we are going to rent a machine from the big box hardware store to help in the process, but we still have to deal with the sprinklers and lay big bark chips after the play set is installed. We will post picture's of before, during and after when everything is all said and done.

The State Fair started today, I have always loved the fair, I can't wait to take the kids, see the animals, eat an elephant ear, curly fries, funnel cake, and other fair food. I just love the fair.


Lori Vernon said...

I've totally been missing the Oregon State fair recently! Enjoy that Elephant Ear for me!

The Shannons said...

Have fun at the advice to you is, DON'T HUG THE CARNIES!!