Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We arrived August 5th, our 7th wedding anniversary had dinner and went to the park that night. My parents went back to the hotel to rest up for the next day, we had had a long day of travel. We went on the Haunted House, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Jungle Cruise, and then took the monorail back to the hotel. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, it was every one's first time staying at the hotel and I'm glad we opted to stay close. The queen beds were very comfortable, and we had a standard view of the convention center parking lot. My brother and his family and my parents and our family all stayed on the same floor which turned out to be a great idea. We took two strollers so if we wanted to separate one person wasn't stuck with a double stroller and both kids...at times we divided and conquered.

Monday we stared off having breakfast
with Minnie and had a great time.

Reagan was very concerned about seeing Captain hook, so we came up with a plan.

We all started chanting "tick, tock" "tick, tock" "tick, tock".
If you aren't familiar with the Peter Pan story, Captain Hook's hand was bitten off and eaten by a crocodile, and the croc developed a taste for Hook. So, Hook tricked the croc into eating a clock that went "tick, tock" so he knew when the crocodile was close.

Our plan worked perfectly and Hook picked up on it right away.

He immediately fled our area and wasn't seen again.

We went on to see Cinderella's Fairy Godmother.

We saw Perla, one of Cinderella's mice friends.
She really liked Alex my nephew, it was really funny.

Minnie of course came by,
Lincoln didn't really like her,
he wasn't really sure of any of the character's.
In the center next to Minnie is my niece Meghan.

Minnie came by one last time and Lincoln seemed to do a little better.

Tigger came by for a visit too, and yes he really is that bright,
its really too bright of an orange in my opinion.
I'm not sure if this was the next day or not, we stayed 5 night,
but here is Reagan with Auroa, we waited 45 minutes to meet 3 princess and you guessed Cinderella left 5 minutes before it was Reagan's turn...but she had a good attitude about it.

Pocahontas was very nice and dance with Reagan.

They only have three princess at a time and every 30 minutes they rotate them.
Snow white was next and was by far the most fun for Reagan.

Over at California Adventure Reagan loved the bugs life area.
Here she is with Nana & Granddad on the Heimlich's chew chew ride,
it doesn't go up or down, but they put their arms in the air just for the fun of it.

This is in Mickey's toontown on a roller coaster ride with Daddy.

Weeeeeee, Reagan loved this ride, although she went on the
Matterhorn like 5 times, that was her favorite.

We went to Mickey's toontown madness on
Wednesday Morning, it was really cute and
the kids loved all the singing and dancing.

Back over in the bugs life area, Tim and Reagan
are on tuck and roll's drive'em buggies (bumper cars).

We met Mickey Mouse in California Adventure at
the Fairfax Market. Lincoln instantly took to Mickey
and would have loved it if he would have held him.
Lincoln loves Mickey Mouse.

There is his store called Club Libby Lu's,
Reagan & Meghan got make overs, which included nail polish, makeup, a special Libby hair du, 5 accessories and a sparkle product. Meghan was a good sport and did this for Reagan, Meghan was a little old for it but she did it anyway just for Reagan. Oh, and both hair du's lasted about 30 minutes before the girls took them out, it wasn't very comfortable.

On Thursday My parents, and brother's family went to Laguna Beach,
we joined them on Friday.

This is Thursday waiting for the Parade of Dreams, it started 45 minutes late.
Lincoln woke up half way through the the parade, he had slept for about 2 hours.

Lincoln woke up when the Alice in Wonderland float
stopped in front of us to do a musical number.

Lincoln loved all the bright colors and loud music.

The Queen from Alice in Wonderland poked at Lincoln's foot as they were leaving the area, he didn't give her a good look, it was pretty funny.

Later that day we did the flying dumbo ride,
it was Lincoln's first time on it and absolutely didn't want to get off.

Tim and Reagan were in the flying elephant in front of us.

Daddy and Reagan had a great time on the spinning tea cups.

One tired family in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

This picture was actually taken on Wednesday night,
the last night the whole family was their together.

Meghan, Beth, Alex, and Del.

My parents, Al & Marylin, Lincoln, Alex, Tim, Meghan, Beth, & Del.
Front row: Me & Reagan.

I have some picture's from the different rides we went on, I will scan them and upload them soon. We made funny faces and held up fake gang signs and one time we all posed as different letters that made up YMCA...we did that on the Tower of Terror, that ride was so much fun!!

For some reason we didn't take any picture's when we were at Laguna Beach, we had a great time, went to the beach everyday and stayed at a great place called The Tides Inn.
I would recommed this to anyone, my brother's family had the largest suite, it had a full kitchen, sitting area, and 2 queen beds. My parents had 1 queen, and a small kitchen. We had 2 fulls and a fridge. It has the feel of a beach house, it also has a bbq area and a salt water pool. We walked to the beach, shopping and dinner every night. It was nice to go there and relax before we headed back home.


The Shannons said...

Oh we wish we could have gone! Great pics and we miss you all!

Scott and Shana said...

That looks like such fun! So cool how Cpt. Hook knew to run away... I can't wait for our kids to be old enough to do that! =)