Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Sate Fair

First up, the jungle tent with
Spiders, snakes....lots of snakes, pythons, rattle snakes, rat snakes,
Turtles, an alligator, porcupine, bobcats, and 1 large pixie frog.


The kiddies swings.

The canoe ride, she went around twice, Lincoln couldn't go on
any rides because he wasn't two yet.

Kiddie roller coaster ride with two girls that
we didn't know, but you know Reagan.
She quickly said, "hi I'm Reagan, whats your name?"

Lincoln and Mommy, watching all the excitement.

Lincoln LOVED all the animals.
Baby chicks

Reagan loves the baby chicks too.

We had to have some ice cream,
Lincoln and I had chocolate & vanilla swirl.

Reagan as she calls it banilla.

The petting zoo, we even fed them and that was
very excited for both kids...Lincoln and I did most of the feeding.
Reagan would always drop hers right before the animals mouth
got even close to her hand.

Lincoln is just so excited.

You should know that in past years there have been E-coli outbreaks after several county fairs.
They researched it and all came back to the petting zoo. So, there is this trailer that you enter as soon as you exit the petting zoo to wash hands, they even have a black light to make sure that you got your hands good and clean. Where ever animals are at the fair there is either a hand washing station or little packets of antibacterial gel to put on your hands. We had a great time, and I think Reagan is going to go back with her Nana.

On another note, I was able to get all the sprinklers either rotated or capped, that way when they go off it won't get the play area all wet. This weekend is the big work weekend to get ground ready for the play set.

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