Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reagan's 4 year old check up

Reagan's 4 year old check went really well, except for the last 5 minutes.
  • She had her hearing tested: passed
  • She had her vision tested: 20/30 right eye and 20/40 for the left eye....normal
  • Weight 30 lbs 11%
  • Height 38 inches 25%
She is petite and probably will be her whole life.

The last 5 minutes were when she was given her 4 shots. It was horrible, she scream and cried and all I wanted to do was cry with her but I had to be strong. After the band-aids were put on we sat down and the nurse brought her a little snickers bar and 2 stickers. But almost immediately she had a reaction to the MMR Chickenpox vaccine, the nurse didn't want us to leave and wanted the dr. to look at it first before we left. There was a small welt and a red rash around the welt. He said give her benadryl when we get home and call if it gets worse. It went away by the end of the day. But, when she woke up the next day it was back, without the welt. Its warm to the touch, it hasn't gotten any bigger and hasn't gotten any smaller either. So, the dr. says just keep giving her benadryl and call if it gets bigger. She now has a low grade fever and its been 3 days. If we go back to the dr. I'm not sure there really is anything they can do. So, we wait for it to go away. I drew a line around it so I could tell if it got any bigger or smaller, that has been a big help.
I'm going to take a picture, it doesn't really look like a hive to me.

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