Sunday, September 2, 2007

Caution husband & wife at work part 1

Nana & Granddad took the kids to the State Fair, so we could work on the back yard.
We went to Home Depot and found two amazing deals, first the table was $80 and we got it for $40. The second deal was this beautiful pesto colored umbrella, it was originally $130 and we got it for an amazing $45. We then went and picked up the lumber & re-bar to make a
border for the play will hold in the playground bark chips.

Before we left for the big box handyman store Tim mowed the lawn. He used the lawn mower to keep cutting the play area grass, he just kept lowering the setting after each pass until the grass was all gone. Isn't it a pretty clean shaven lawn?

We rented a sod cutter, which is really a funny machine that shakes this sharp cutting tool back and forth at a rapid pace, while Tim is trying to keep it straight. Its very loud but gets the job done quickly, it was a very good use of our money.

We piled the two foot sections over by the fence and have nicknamed it the eco-wall, we were joking that we could build the kids a playhouse out of all the sections of sod.

We took the lumber to my parent's house, my Dad has a drill press and a table saw that are very handy when you need to drill long holes and cut big pieces of lumber. We couldn't have done it on our own. Thank you Dad!

Part 2 will come in the next week or so, the play set gets built a week from Tuesday. We are very sore, tired and just hurting all over, but we are saving a lot of money getting the area ready on our own.

We are taking tomorrow off to enjoy a birthday party BBQ and a day in the park with friends.

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