Friday, September 28, 2007

The doctor will see you now

Reagan's open house went great, we learned that she is quite the artist, she is the only pre-schooler who actually drew a picture and not a giant green blob. She had blue sky, a bright yellow sun with sun beams, some ground cover and I think a tree. Then on a paper neck tie it said what is your favorite thing to do with your family? She said play outside with my family on our play structure. I cried, I'm such a sucker, but I also cried when we received her orientation packet with a school supply list and it said she needed a big kid backpack.

She can spell her name, she couldn't do that a month ago. I do think that this is because we recently bought a DVD called the letter factory by leap frog. Lincoln who is 18 months can make almost all the different sounds that letters make, its really funny to watch.

On to my precious hubby, he hasn't been feeling well, nauseous, dizzy, and walking like he is drunk. We took him to the doctor and Tim has something that sounds a lot worse than it really is, its called benign positional vertigo. He prescribed meclizine and ordered to lay around the house and watch football all weekend and hopefully by Monday this virus will be gone. No work for Tim this weekend, he gets to just rest and we all get to pamper him.

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