Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My two brother's and their wife's flew in for the funeral that was on Monday. We all caravaned to Eastern Oregon for the funeral and internment. The funeral was touching and brought out the best in my family. We sang, watched a video tribute and mostly told stories about how this wonderful man shaped our lives.

The children surrounding our two in the middle are my cousin Summer's step kids on the outside and her two Blondie's Trinity and Mazie. Summer and I are only 4 days apart, I was born first but named last because my parents thought I was going to be a boy. My Mom lobbied for Sunny so we could be Sunny and 70's cute is that. But thank heaven my Dad had another idea, so he named me Christine. The boys name if you are curious was picked out by my two older brothers who were huge fans of Steve Austin the million something dollar man, so that was going to be my name.

Reagan putting a flower on Big Granddad's casket as her Granddad holds her up.

On our way back we went to the cascade locks hatchery, it was so much fun. The salmon are returning to lay there eggs and it was amazing to watch them. Unfortunately the salmon we saw were "surplus" and are being sent to the market to fund the hatchery and pay the way for more salmon to be released.

Here we are feeding the trout.

This is the tank where this giant white sturgeon lives, he is over 10 feet long and weighs like 350 lbs, he is a big boy. These I think are giant trout living with him, I love how the kids are in awe.

The whole family watching the salmon jumping for their life.

This was really amazing to watch.

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