Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christy's appliance repair

Today I received 4 nice surprises in the mail today. 1 package from Electrolux, 1 card from my brother and his family, another card from my Sister in law Beth, and a package from my other brother Bill and his wife Danielle.

To be completely honest I opened the relay part from electrolux first and installed it immediately and was completely disappointed because the oven still didn't work. I emailed this repair guy online who gives out free advice when this all started and he said, "Hot wiring a relay is a bad idea...(duh!) The relay should not be replaced separately." So when the oven didn't work I swapped out the clock/timer I originally ordered and what do you know the oven works. After doing the happy dance and praising the Lord that our oven now works, I called the parts place and told them to cancel our refund because the part did in fact work. I guess the relay and the clock/timer need to be replaced together, I'm guessing the relay stopped working and it fried the clock/timer. Thanksgiving is now saved, I bought a 24lb butterball turkey yesterday in hopes that the oven would be fixed by Thanksgiving (oh, and I only paid $5.24 for the turkey....I love it when I find good deals). So, now the pressure is on, I have never cooked a turkey before, I think I might have my mom spend the night and help me with it.

On to the other surprises I received in the mail, one was a thank you card from Beth for the birthday present last month but the real treat are the 2 picture's of my niece & nephew. Alex with be 16 in January and Meghan is 12. I'm not sure how time went by so fast but I remember when I told Meghan that I was getting married, she was 4 years old at the time and this is what she said, "You can't get married.....because then you will grow up." I told her not to worry that I would still play with her and do fun kid things, but Meghan it is now you who is growing up so fast....please slow down.

The other card was from them as well but it was a birthday card with a nice gift card to Nordstroms....yippie!!!

I also received a book from my other brother Bill and his wife Danielle, the book is called Sex God by Rob Bell. This what the publisher says about the book, "
God and sex go together. You can’t separate the two, says Rob Bell, because this physical world is intimately linked to deeper spiritual realities. And so, in order to make sense of sexuality, at some point you have to talk about God. With beauty and unusual insight, Sex God explores this connection."
I like the book, I'm at chapter 2 'sexy on the inside'. I will let you all know what I think of the book when I'm done, I don't think it should take me too long. Rob teaches in a series of short films called NOOMA, I really enjoyed those.

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The Shannons said...

I'm glad you weren't scared off by the title. It really is an awesome book. I'm also glad you got your oven back in order that should be a fun time for Thanksgiving.
Hope you had a great Birthday we called you but just got voice mail. Hope you liked our off key singing!