Friday, November 2, 2007

Its all about the relay

I would just like to thank my brother Bill for making me laugh this morning with comments on yesterday's topic of wiring diagram 101. Now if I could just get my oven to go 88 mph, I know it would just fix everything. I so needed laughter and to be able to laugh at our situation, and thanks to Scott as well, you made me laugh too. Thanks again guys.

A different repair guy showed up to look at the floor and took a picture to show his boss. I then sweet talked him into looking at the oven, he fixed the burnt wire for free, thanks repair guy. In his humble opinion which to tell you the truth I think I am smarter than the repair guy, this is what they do, fix appliances and I'm the one showing him what is wrong with the oven. He said he thinks it is the relay, which is what I thought, but I could not for the life of me find the part using the part number off the relay.

I went on what Reagan calls a field trip around to various electronic supply stores, everyone was stumped. So, I look up Frigidaire online and find an "authorized parts dealer" so I give them a call and they tell me that what I have is not a frigidaire part, which makes me beg the question, "how did this unauthorized part get in my oven to begin with?"

I decide I need to take a look at everything again and get my stuff in order. I call a different "authorized parts dealer" and I get a women which is just so refreshing, she not only finds the part but actually gives me the official part number and tells me it is like $50.00 + $15.00 for 2nd day air, that seems a little pricing, so I decline and tell her I will call her back.

I decide to look on the trusty internet with my new found information. I find the part for $24 + $8.00 ground shipping, when the part arrives next week, I'm praying and hoping with everything I have that this is the defective part.

Oh, and the other parts place told me to keep the part for 30 days in the rare case that the manufacturer will want to look at it, so I said okay. That pricey clock/timer part could be working just fine, but because it didn't fix my problem they say the part is defective, and they will get a credit from the manufacturer.

So we have this spare part that might come in handy but we really can't sell it second hand because there is no way to tell if the part works until I get the other part fixed if that really is the problem and not 2 repair guys can even tell what is really wrong, me the stay at home appliance repair mom/wife is figuring it out.

I need to go to bed and sleep and clear my brain.

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