Thursday, November 22, 2007

Oh, What a Day to be Thankful for!!

My Grandma Ruth came for Thanksgiving and she came with her friend Jo, my cousin Shelly and her husband Ernie (my kids love Ernie.) He is a full blooded Native American, we had a real Thanksgiving, Ernie made the beautiful and delicious apple pie on the right...Grandma made the lemon meringue on the left.

Reagan had Tea for the first time wild berry zinger with too many sugar cubes and whip cream...she loved it.
My Grandma always makes banana cream pie on Thanksgiving and for me it wouldn't be complete without it, it was so good!!! Thanks Grandma!!
We turn our attention to the turkey, we cooked it upside down for most of the cooking then turned breast side up, it was the juiciest turkey I have ever eaten. There was just one problem, it was falling apart, I know that means that the turkey is done and we don't have to worry about getting sick, but I wanted the pretty looking turkey.

We wanted to make sure the turkey would be really done, so we put in two of those pop up thermometers that let you know when its ready. Well, Mom and I didn't realize that we put well....nipples on the we had one perky turkey.

I put up the portable DVD player for the kids in the living room, I think they were watching barnyard with my Dad, it turned out to be a real lifesaver.

Mom took this picture, it was really cold outside like 38 degrees so she only took one, she had to go out the back door to get us all in the picture. I'm the pink fuzzy person on the left end with a fuzzy Lincoln on my lap. My cousin Mark came too, his wife Tracy had to work, I have spent so many Thanksgivings with Mark and his family I can't even count. My Dad is at the end, and next to him is Ernie and Shelly, then Jo and Reagan with the goofy face. So Mark is sitting next to me, then Grandma and Tim.
I guess for my first turkey I wanted it to look like the magazine cover. But most importantly, we had such a good day me and my Mom cooking in the kitchen, my Dad, Tim and the guys watching football and playing with the kids, it was just so nice.
I love having family together, my cousins came, we told stories, caught up and the kids ran circles around us.
And then we ate pie!!!

Last week Reagan helped Daddy with the leaf blower, she thought it was the coolest thing ever!!
I'm so grateful for my Husband, our kids and both of our families, we love them all!!

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