Friday, November 9, 2007


So, I called Frigidaire customer service and if you can believe it they are sending me the relay for free!!! I canceled the other order and now I continue to wait, and hope and pray that is the problem.

My birthday is tomorrow, we have a kid birthday party to go to for Reagan's friend Chloe, its at the McDonald's play place (the kids are excited). Then we are taking the kids to their Nana Sue & Papa Kim's house while Tim and I go shopping. We will come back and have a nice birthday dinner, she is making my favorite lemon basil chicken with good.

My back feels great, the prednisone made me jittery and lets just say my whole house is clean....even the office, the one room you don't have to have clean....but it is now.

Tim saw a specialist about his vertigo and he said that it could take 6 months for the labyrinthitis to go away.

The gate at the top of the stairs broke last night, so now we have giant holes in the wall.

Tim made a scrapbook for my birthday, its from my publisher, I absolutely love it and am very impressed with how it turned out.

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