Thursday, November 1, 2007

wiring diagram 101

Our oven stopped working on Sunday, this happened almost a year ago in December.

So, I call the appliance repair man on Monday and Tuesday the repair guy shows up and confirms its the same part as last time, it cost $400 to fix it last time. I told the guy we couldn't afford that right now, and he said that I could replace the part, so he gave me the part number and I went searching on the Internet for the part.

I found it at almost half the price we paid last time...thank you God! Get the part, get a little shock (the electrical kind) so I unplug oven......and decide to wait until Tim gets home and we replace the part and the oven still doesn't work. So, I start reading the wiring diagram, yes I now have become good at matching wire color and decoding all the wires in the back of our oven. I start praying because I'm at a loss, I'm not mad at God, we are trying to save money, we are on a budget and I just don't know what to do, so I determine that I need a break.

I watch Oprah and she is talking about aging too quickly and the number 1 aging factor is stress, I veg out and then go back to the oven. As I'm putting it back together, crying because it just seems like nothing is working I notice something about one wire. When Mr. Repair man was here, he showed me how to basically hot wire the oven to work with these certain two wire. Well, one of the wires looks burnt and I can see the wire through the plastic covering....and I'm thinking God could this be our problem.... just a small wire that might cost $3.00, I'm praying it is.

Meanwhile I call the place where we got the part and he sends me an email with a return shipping label. Then I get another email from him and he informs me that we don't need to send back the part, all they need is the serial number from our oven and they will immediately refund our money. Praise God!! But I also wonder, does he know something I don't? I don't know but I am praying that when my Dad comes tomorrow we will figure it out with God's guidance. So please pray that our oven with be healed.

Just so you don't all think Tim isn't helping out, he is, he just can't really work on it until the weekend and well ladies you all know how important our ovens are.

And just to add a cherry at the top of our mess, when the repair man was here he scrapped up our floor pretty bad, so tomorrow morning he is sending some repair guy to take a look at it, and all I can do is just praise God because right now I feel powerless, I hope I'm learning a really good lesson from God because I sure am listening.

Thank you all for letting me unload on you.

I'll keep you updated.


The Shannons said...

I can plainly see the problem, your flux capacitor is in backwards you also need to make sure you get at least 21.1 gigawatts flowing through there and your oven going at least 88 mph. Then you should be able to eat your meals whenever you want!

Seriously I hope your oven gets fixed soon.

Scott and Shana said...

21.1 gigawatts?? Great Scott!!!

Christy said...

Thanks guys, I needed a laugh and it feels so good to be able to laugh at this situation. Now I just need to figure out how to get our oven to go at least 88 mph.

Dad came by, we are going to try and order a different relay to see if that is the problem. If not we might just have to suck it up and call the repair guy to come back again.