Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

This is what the living room looked like before presents were opened and messes...I mean memories were made.
I found this cute doll bed at Ikea for cheap and made some bedding for it, the bedding included needed a little help. Reagan loves it!

Lincoln's train table was a huge hit, Tim's Mom, Nana B and Santa brought it for him. Reagan loves it too and we only had some minor issues that hopefully customer service can fix.

Little People Manger from Fisher Price is a big hit with the kids every year, they get moved around the house and we often find baby Jesus driving trucks and the Angle having a tea with Reagan.
Christmas morning, all presents have been opened and playing with new toys continues throughout the day.

Reagan in her new ballet leotard that her Auntie Danielle & Uncle Billy sent her. It was worn all day, even under her snow clothes and she wore it to bed.
It started snowing around 10am and snowed on and off all day, none of it really stuck around.
Poor Lincoln doesn't have any snow clothes so he was sadly as his sister ate snowflakes on her tongue.
Beautiful snow.
This morning we woke up to a trace of snow and it has been snowing again today on and off. Poor Reagan, she keeps praying for heavy snow to make a snowman. It hasn't snowed here on Christmas Day since 1984, and that was a lot of snow.

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