Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Diva is Born

Reagan is in the black dress with white poke a dots and a red head band. She did great in the beginning but quickly thought playing with her friend was more fun.

After Reagan's class sang all the preschool and kindergarten classes sang together and one little boy took off his shirt, we didn't get that on tape but I'm sure someone else did.

When Tim went and got Reagan she said, "Daddy did you see me?", he said, "I sure did, and you did great." She then went on to add, "I didn't even lay down!"

.....We can't wait until next year!!


Julie's Blog said...

She is a born leader.
Of course, in this case it looks like she led a mutiny!

Scott and Shana said...

She is born for the camera! Watch out world!! =)