Saturday, December 22, 2007

little project

Before I painted this coffee table white it was oak with a darker stain. After I painted it white I painted the checker board at one end then sealed it with mod podge. Then Reagan & I cut out friends and family from picture's and then mod podge those to the table too. After about 4 layers of mod podge it went into Reagan's room as her special table.

We had to move the coffee table because Lincoln is getting a train table for Christmas and its staying downstairs. I don't think I'm done with the table, I think I might do something with the sides and legs.


Scott and Shana said...

That is way cool!
What is Modge Podge?

Anonymous said...

Make that "Mod Podge".
I am at Scott and Shana's place in Sitka and had to hurry and get off the computer so I couldn't make that last comment clear because they were doing a video chat with a friend and Coastie who used to live here in Sitka.
That last comment was from Julie Donaldson (me), not Scott and Shana. I just am using their computer.
The snow is melting here since the weather has changed to rain. A good thing, I think.
Julie D.