Monday, December 3, 2007

Windy Ridge

We have nicknamed our little abode "windy ridge". We have called it this long before this current windstorm. For Tim's birthday last year we got him a weather station with a wind gage, unfortunately it doesn't give you a constant reading of the wind, just in 2 minute intervals. So, if the wind is not blowing hard it will show a low speed, so that is kinda frustrating, but it is still very cool. So far the highest gust of wind we have had was at 6:15am this morning and it was 36 mph.

We also have one piece of loose siding, and it just happens to be the wall where our bed is, its not safe to go out now and nail it back in. We tried to locate the piece of siding but you just can't tell, I'm not even sure we have a ladder tall enough to reach it. The real annoying part of the loose siding is that it knocks all night long because of the high wind.

Reagan has been having a hard time sleeping because of all the noise, it is really something to hear the wind blow so hard. I was watching Desperate Housewives and they had a tornado on the show and at times I felt like we were in a tornado.

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