Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life is so good!

I have picture's I need to post of the snow day we had yesterday and the two small snowkids we built.

Last night we noticed our freezer wasn't working, so we took everything out and put it in the deep freeze in the garage. This morning when I had cold cereal I noticed the milk wasn't as cold as it should be.....our fridge isn't working. First I put one of those indoor/outdoor weather thermometers and it was only 50 degrees!!! I scrambled to call a repair place but they can't come until tomorrow.....so in the mean time, I'm frantically putting food in coolers and then putting them outside.

There are several good parts to this story:
  1. The repair place owes us a favor so they are coming out for free to diagnose the problem and also get a small screw driver that I accidentally dropped in the dryer vent last night....woops :)
  2. I get to clean out the fridge, which I have been wanting to do for sometime now....you know throw out those pickles way in the back and lost pudding cup from last summer or the medicine from 2005.
  3. Its cold here, around 36 degrees and snowing...colder than my fridge. I ran out of coolers and decided to use a plastic storage container and put plastic wrap on top then taped it, back porch doesn't look pretty but things are cold.
  4. If the problem is the compressor, Thank God it is still covered under warranty, we just have to pay labor which is $250 (ouch)........if not???
  5. I could get a new fridge but I doubt it.
I'm trying to stay positive and not be overwhelmed by my distraught kitchen and dinning room.
What else can I do but praise God, and be grateful that its not a giant leak in the roof or a broken furnace. Stay tuned more to come with picture's.

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