Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reagan's gift

Below is a letter I wrote to Reagan last year when she asked Jesus into her heart. I then put the letter in a shadow box with the rose she was given at church and with picture’s taken when she nailed her ribbon onto the cross. I want her to always remember what she did.

Last week at our weekly bible study in Reagan’s little class they were talking about the wordless book. Reagan raised her hand and said I did that and I’m going to heaven. My Mom is the teacher and she asked Reagan to share and she did.

Later that day one of Reagan’s friends told her Mom what Reagan said in class and wanted to ask Jesus into her heart too. And last Sunday Sarah nailed her ribbon onto the cross to let everyone know she has Jesus in her heart.

I’m so amazed how God can use a 4 ½ year old little girl to show His love and spread His Good News.

The Letter:

January 14, 2007

I was putting you to bed and we had read a story and we had read our devotions and we were praying. Toward the end of the prayer I asked you if you wanted to pray about anything, and this is what you said, “I want to ask Jesus into my heart.” I was so excited that you had decided to make this decision on your own, so we prayed together and you asked God to come into your heart and that you are his child and you want him to use you for his glory. We hugged and I told you how proud of you I am and we said goodnight. I immediately told your Daddy and he was so excited and proud of you, and I then called both of your Nana’s to share with them the good news.

During the next week I asked you if you wanted to nail a white ribbon onto the cross at church on Sunday morning, to let everyone know you had decided to follow Jesus. You said, “Yes, I would like to nail a ribbon onto the cross, and let everyone know that I have Jesus in my heart.”

January 21, 2007

During the 9:30am service Steve D. announced that 3 ½ year old Reagan had given her life to the Lord and that is why there is a yellow rose on the piano, he said I see her parents Tim and Christy are here with us this morning and everyone clapped with joy for your decision. Then during worship, Daddy, Mommy and you walked up to the cross and you nailed the white ribbon onto the cross to let everyone know you have decided to follow Jesus.

Reagan we love you so much and

are so proud of you!!


Mom & Dad

Here are 2 of the picture's from her shadow box.
Reagan with her rose's the church gave her.

Reagan pounding her nail into the cross.

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