Monday, January 7, 2008

Shur these are the right chains?

After going to several different auto parts places to get chains I found the right ones, SCC Shur Grip Z The guy in Salem at the auto parts place showed me how to put them on, I get up on the pass put on the chains with the help of my father-in-law and its taking longer than it should and is more difficult than it should be but we get them on and are on our way.

Just as I am at the summit I hear a sound that is not good. The chains on the right tire breaks and it must come off, I make it down no problem. I called the same auto parts place in the town where we were staying and they ordered me a new set and I could pick them up the next day. I drove into town returned the chains and waited for them to bring out my new working pair and well, the guy says they aren't here and won't be until Tuesday. I kindly told him that I was leaving Monday and really needed those chains, he just said, "sorry, I'm sure you could find them some place else."

So, I called info and the nice lady started listing off auto parts places until one rang a bell, she connected me and the guy had the chains, so I went and picked them up. When me and the kids walked in I said, Oh those are the chains, he said, let me show you how to put them on and I said, Oh I know, but your display is set up backwards...? He said, no its not and I went on to explain to him how the guys back home showed me now and he said, well I don't know what they told you but it was wrong. You can imagine my shock and amazement that I had driven over the summit with my chains on backwards!!!....I'm surprised that only one broke and not both.

On the drive back today, it took me less than 5 minutes to put the chains on, once I knew the proper way to install them. I'm going to send that auto parts place a thank you card and I'm going to stop into the other place and inform them on what I learned. I love the chains, they did the job and so easy to use. I'm glad that I spent a little more money and bought the chains that are easy to install.

Once I get picture's from my mother in law I will post pictures. We had a blast!!

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Julie's Blog said...

I avoid traveling in snow for the very reason that putting on chains is a mystery. Once, Lee Ann and I were heading to the Bend area and I tried to put chains on my Astro van, but couldn't do it. One problem it turned out was I was putting them on the front tires when I should have been putting them on the back. Either way, I couldn't get them hooked.