Friday, February 29, 2008

Learning to edit picture's

I learned some cool things on adobe photoshop 4.0 that I knew I could do had no idea how to.
In this picture below I made the back ground black and white while keeping Tim's Dad and Reagan in color. Tim's Dad died very unexpectedly 4 months after Reagan was born and we have few picture's of him with Reagan, so I try to make the ones we have extra special.

This is the picture I took yesterday, keeping the flower only in color.

In both picture's I used a magic wand tool to select selections around the flower and section by section I removed the color.

I really like Adobe but when I use it, it will often make my laptop freeze up and then I end up loosing everything I was working on and having to start over because I have to restart my computer. Does anybody use a different photo editor that doesn't take over the computer and turn it into lard?

Took the kids to the doctor they both just have the crud, he was able to prescribe cough medicine with codeine for Reagan, Lincoln is to little for the good stuff....poor guy.

We have date night tonight but I don't think we will be going since both kids still sound horrible, the doctor did say they aren't contagious. We belong to a babysitting co-op and we get 2 Friday night dates a month and only have to work 3 nights out of 15 dates.....its sooo worth it!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is what we have been waiting for.....

Signs of SPRING!!!

I took these picture's with our Canon 30D camera....I love it

These flowers are all growing in our yard without any help from me, they are so beautiful.

I love this picture of Reagan, she is wearing her black Christmas dress with a princess gown, a red bead necklace and pink princess shoes.
I love her cutie pie feet!

We moved to the back yard which required a shoe change to the backyard red boots, I love how it looks with her nice dress and her light blue purse.

It was nice for her to be able to get outside for a little bit even though she is not feeling well.

snot nose little kids

That describes the kids, they both have runny noses and terrible sounding coughs. Reagan didn't go to preschool and we didn't go to my bible study either because both places won't take kids that are sick. I'm feeling good except for a little shoulder pain.

Tim has surgery next Thursday, this is what his paper work says because I don't know how to describe it.

"To Correct the bunion the excess bone will be removed from the head of the metatarsal bone. A cut will be made in the bone to correct the angle of deformity. The purpose of the cut is not to intended to give you a perfectly straight foot but an improved foot. A pin or pins and wire will be used to stabilize the cut in order for the bone to repair itself."

My parents are going to take the kids the night before so I can get Tim to the surgery center and back home without having to worry about them and helping Tim.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Lincoln's toy box

Lincoln's toy box before Ryan painted it.

After Ryan painted it.....we love it!!!

We both love how his name is on top of the toy box, with all the accents and personal touches it reminds me of the 4th of July, a favorite holiday in our house because it involves fire!

The chair before Ryan painted it.

After Ryan painted it. I can't wait to get it into his room!

They go very well together and I'm glad I added the chair. We made Lincoln's crib into a toddler bed, and he just loves it. He hasn't gotten out and played with his toys at nap time or at bed time. One day last week he didn't nap at all and he was in his toddler bed and didn't get out...he really loves his bed.

I will update with picture's after I get it into his room. I still need to find a safety hinge that will close the lid slowly so it won't slam on his has one already but it really needs two. (I have already been to true value and lowe's and neither one had the type of hinge I was looking for, it was like I was speaking another language to them)


I'm having some technical difficulty please stand by.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lincoln's Truck Birthday Party

Last night I baked a chocolate box cake.
This morning I cut it into squares and then pretend
to be a brick layer, using chocolate frosting from a can as the glue.
We used a brand new tonka truck, to hold the cake
so it looks like the truck is hauling a load of dirt.
I cleaned it before the cake went in.

Reagan the cake model shows just how good it looks.

We then crumbled oreo cookie with chocolate filling on top of the
cake and frosting to make it look more like dirt.

Tada! Looks pretty cool, doesn't it?
It tasted great too, we served it with vanilla ice cream.

Last year I bought all the tonka truck party stuff
on super those bargains.

Family enjoying hot dogs and chips. I think our friend Loren is actually looking right into the camera....Hi guys!! Loren's wife Emily and my best friend of over 15 years is sitting next to him with their absolutely adorable and smiling boy Drake.

Tim and Great-Grandpa catching up.

Grammy Pammy, Tika, and Lincoln.

This is funny, Lincoln is laughing at the card, its a Diego card with the bobo brother's (they are monkey's for those of you who aren't familiar with Diego) and Lincoln thought it was hilarious.

Lincoln just about to blow out the candles.

He did it, 2 years old and such a big boy!!

Happy Birthday Lincoln!!!

Train Ride, OMSI and CEC

For Lincoln's birthday we took a train ride to Portland and went to OMSI.

Tim dropped us off and my Dad joined us for the day.

Lincoln loved the train, I think that is an understatement, he LOVED the train.

Reagan wore these nemo sunglasses all day,
we call her Bono when she wears them.

Lincoln and Granddad.

Lincoln doesn't usually like the water table, but he did this time.
He looks so cute in those boots.

At OMSI, they have a live science museum and Reagan loves it,
she usually holds the snake but it wasn't out, so she held an
Australian walking stick.

Poor Granddad, we really wiped him out.
Actually, for those of you who know my Dad, this is not unusually at all.
We love you Granddad.

Later that day, after naps and dinner at home,
we went to Chuck E Cheese.
Where a kid can be a kid!

Happy Birthday Lincoln!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Toy Box

My mother in law and Tim's Nana B are getting Lincoln a toy box for his birthday. Tim and I couldn't decide on different ones we saw online. He wanted the giant plastic football one that he had when he was a kid, and I wanted a wood one that will last him a long time.

I was looking on craigslist and saw this advertisement, so I emailed the guy and he sent me a link to his website. His name is Ryan J. Ferreira and he lives close to where Tim works in Tigard. Here is a link to his website, Dreams of Perfection Painting.

In the Goodnight Moon post, the first two picture's have the toy box and child's chair he is going to paint. I found the toy box and chair at a bargain center that sells unfinished wood, the box was only $87.00. My parents are having the child's chair painted to compliment the toy box.

I really like the work that Ryan has on his website. I sent him picture's of Lincoln's room, and some of the fire truck things in his room to give him some inspiration, I told him that we would like it to have a fire truck type theme. I thought it might be cool to put in flames on the side and have the fire truck spraying water on it. This is a leap of faith for me, I usually like to know exactly what I'm getting but, at the same time I want the artist (Ryan) to know that I trust his artistic abilities because I truthfully have little to none.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Goodnight Moon

We watched the lunar eclipse, did you?
These first 2 picture's are of the kids and our chairs as we are watching the lunar eclipse in our driveway around 6:15 pm.

The kids quickly decided it was more fun to play in the van than sit under blankets.

These next set of picture's are taken with my camera with the night vision setting on.

Its interesting that you can't even really see the eclipse.

This picture is when the moon was just dark and looked a little red.

These last set of picture's were taken with my camera with the flash on.

The last picture was taken just after the moon was covered completely around 7 pm. In person you could still see the moon, but with the camera it couldn't capture flash just isn't that strong. If you click on the picture, you can barely see a sliver of the moon.
Goodnight Moon


Lincoln will be 2 years old on Friday and I'm not sure where all the time went.

I remember when you were born, and I kept saying to the nurses, he isn't breathing right and when finally someone did listen to me...I was right and I didn't see you for over 12 hours. I remember feeling God's presence and having a tremendous amount of peace. I had access to my laptop and not once did I google all the horrible things they told me that could be wrong. We prayed that day and gave Lincoln to God and said, "God if you want him he is yours." But the whole time I had this peace that I really can't describe, I knew it was in God's hands. Three days later he was free of all tubes and iv's and back in our room. He had something called TTN, something common in boys who are born via c-section.

I remember when he slept for the first time in his crib, he was 8 weeks old and he slept 10 hours and I woke up 3 times thinking he needs to eat or my breasts are going to explode. Fortunately that didn't happen, and he kept sleeping 10 hours for 8 more weeks until he got his first tooth.

I remember when he was 6 months old and we drove to Seattle for our 6th wedding anniversary. We visited my Grammy and went to a Seattle Mariners game and watched as they beat our beloved Boston Red Sox's. On the way home what should have been a 4 hour drive was closer to 7 1/2 hours because Lincoln either was pooping or wanting to eat every other hour.

I remember the last time I nursed him, he was 13 months old and we were down to nursing every other night and that night he didn't want it. I remember thinking this is it, another step of freedom for our little guy, and thinking please don't move to far away from home, I promise I will be the best mother in law in the whole world. I remember smelling this hair and rocking him and reading good night moon, and thinking my heart is going to burst because of the love I have for him.

Lincoln, you are almost 2 years old, I remember when my nephew Alex was 2 years old and now he is 16 years old and driving. Time goes so fast.

I'm going to post soon about Lincoln's toy box birthday present. I'm waiting to hear back from the artist we found who is going to paint it, I want to put a link to his web site and his name. I'm so excited!!!