Sunday, February 10, 2008

Her first love...

Reagan has this natural instinct of wanting to be a mommy and she has asked me how she can become a mommy. I told her that once she graduated high school, and college, get her masters, then work and then marry then she will become a mommy. I want to make sure she understands the order of how things should go.

So for about 8 months she has said that she is going to marry her friend Ian. He is a couple months older than her and is mostly into your average run of the mill boy stuff....marriage is not on his radar and I don't think it should. However, Reagan and Ian are the greatest of friends, they love playing together and often act like old souls when they are with each other.

Last Thanksgiving I had to get a watch fixed and my Mom went with us to the jewelry store where Tim and I got our wedding rings. I happen to tell Reagan this fun little fact and she was just mesmerized by all the diamonds and gold. She was being really quiet and I ask her if everything was okay and she just casually says, "I wonder which one Ian is going to get for me."

This little girl has her heart set on Ian. I have had many conversations with her about how she might meet another boy in college and that Ian might meet a different girl. I told her it would all be okay if things didn't happen the way she wants them to go. She just looks at me as if I am crazy because she is going to marry him someday after college.

Ian's Dad calls his wife honey and she in turn calls him honey and Ian calls both his parents honey at times. Reagan was over at there home for a play date and Ian now calls Reagan honey and she just loved it at first. Poor Tim he doesn't want to hear about Reagan's big plans because he doesn't want her to date until she is 40 years old.

At another play date over at Ian's home he was calling her honey and Ian's mom overhead Reagan reply to him, "Ian, the name is Reagan." These two kids are priceless, I love this age.

Tim's parents divorced when he was 11 years old and Reagan asked a question about his step-dad. Tim's dad died 4 years ago and Reagan is just now understanding divorce, and we told her that Mommy & Daddy are going to stay together forever. She casually turns her head and says, "Yeah, when Ian and I get married we are going to be together forever too."
She is just too much, I love her so much!!

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