Friday, February 29, 2008

Learning to edit picture's

I learned some cool things on adobe photoshop 4.0 that I knew I could do had no idea how to.
In this picture below I made the back ground black and white while keeping Tim's Dad and Reagan in color. Tim's Dad died very unexpectedly 4 months after Reagan was born and we have few picture's of him with Reagan, so I try to make the ones we have extra special.

This is the picture I took yesterday, keeping the flower only in color.

In both picture's I used a magic wand tool to select selections around the flower and section by section I removed the color.

I really like Adobe but when I use it, it will often make my laptop freeze up and then I end up loosing everything I was working on and having to start over because I have to restart my computer. Does anybody use a different photo editor that doesn't take over the computer and turn it into lard?

Took the kids to the doctor they both just have the crud, he was able to prescribe cough medicine with codeine for Reagan, Lincoln is to little for the good stuff....poor guy.

We have date night tonight but I don't think we will be going since both kids still sound horrible, the doctor did say they aren't contagious. We belong to a babysitting co-op and we get 2 Friday night dates a month and only have to work 3 nights out of 15 dates.....its sooo worth it!

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