Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lincoln's Truck Birthday Party

Last night I baked a chocolate box cake.
This morning I cut it into squares and then pretend
to be a brick layer, using chocolate frosting from a can as the glue.
We used a brand new tonka truck, to hold the cake
so it looks like the truck is hauling a load of dirt.
I cleaned it before the cake went in.

Reagan the cake model shows just how good it looks.

We then crumbled oreo cookie with chocolate filling on top of the
cake and frosting to make it look more like dirt.

Tada! Looks pretty cool, doesn't it?
It tasted great too, we served it with vanilla ice cream.

Last year I bought all the tonka truck party stuff
on super those bargains.

Family enjoying hot dogs and chips. I think our friend Loren is actually looking right into the camera....Hi guys!! Loren's wife Emily and my best friend of over 15 years is sitting next to him with their absolutely adorable and smiling boy Drake.

Tim and Great-Grandpa catching up.

Grammy Pammy, Tika, and Lincoln.

This is funny, Lincoln is laughing at the card, its a Diego card with the bobo brother's (they are monkey's for those of you who aren't familiar with Diego) and Lincoln thought it was hilarious.

Lincoln just about to blow out the candles.

He did it, 2 years old and such a big boy!!

Happy Birthday Lincoln!!!


Julie's Blog said...

What a clever mama you are!
Looks like a great time.

Lee Ann D. said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln!