Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Toy Box

My mother in law and Tim's Nana B are getting Lincoln a toy box for his birthday. Tim and I couldn't decide on different ones we saw online. He wanted the giant plastic football one that he had when he was a kid, and I wanted a wood one that will last him a long time.

I was looking on craigslist and saw this advertisement, so I emailed the guy and he sent me a link to his website. His name is Ryan J. Ferreira and he lives close to where Tim works in Tigard. Here is a link to his website, Dreams of Perfection Painting.

In the Goodnight Moon post, the first two picture's have the toy box and child's chair he is going to paint. I found the toy box and chair at a bargain center that sells unfinished wood, the box was only $87.00. My parents are having the child's chair painted to compliment the toy box.

I really like the work that Ryan has on his website. I sent him picture's of Lincoln's room, and some of the fire truck things in his room to give him some inspiration, I told him that we would like it to have a fire truck type theme. I thought it might be cool to put in flames on the side and have the fire truck spraying water on it. This is a leap of faith for me, I usually like to know exactly what I'm getting but, at the same time I want the artist (Ryan) to know that I trust his artistic abilities because I truthfully have little to none.

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