Saturday, February 23, 2008

Train Ride, OMSI and CEC

For Lincoln's birthday we took a train ride to Portland and went to OMSI.

Tim dropped us off and my Dad joined us for the day.

Lincoln loved the train, I think that is an understatement, he LOVED the train.

Reagan wore these nemo sunglasses all day,
we call her Bono when she wears them.

Lincoln and Granddad.

Lincoln doesn't usually like the water table, but he did this time.
He looks so cute in those boots.

At OMSI, they have a live science museum and Reagan loves it,
she usually holds the snake but it wasn't out, so she held an
Australian walking stick.

Poor Granddad, we really wiped him out.
Actually, for those of you who know my Dad, this is not unusually at all.
We love you Granddad.

Later that day, after naps and dinner at home,
we went to Chuck E Cheese.
Where a kid can be a kid!

Happy Birthday Lincoln!

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