Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pneumonia - - - -updated

Oh sweet little Lincoln has pneumonia. Went to see the doc and she couldn't find anything obvious so she ordered a chest x-ray.
If any of your children have ever needed to have a chest x-ray and they are under the age of 3 then they have to be put into a device. Its a horrible looking right out of the stone age.
Reagan had pneumonia when she was 2 so I remember.
Its a clear plastic tube looking thing and there hands are above them and its not a pretty site. I had to wait behind the protection wall and cried as Lincoln was screaming for me....horrible!!! But the technology side of it was cool, his film came up before she was done taking the second x-ray and I could see right away that he had pneumonia....I'm not a doctor and I could see all the white spots on his right lung that aren't suppose to be there.
He still has a high fever but hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and he will start feeling better soon.
Please pray for us, Tim has surgery on Thursday and I'm not sure how this is all going to work out. We do have a lot of family support, its just coordinating it all.

Lincoln's temp went up to 104 degrees and only came down after another round of motrin and the antibiotics that were prescribed. Can I tell you that I hate it when my kids are sick, I'm sure no mom/dad likes it when their kids are sick but when they are really sick its like my brain stops working. That or my brain is on overdrive trying to get my child to eat or drink something, and trying not to worry about what could happen. Its like I can't do the simplest task of laundry or talking on the phone, I start things but don't finish. Lincoln is doing much better and went right to sleep and he hasn't been coughing very much.

Tim's surgery got moved up to 8am which means we have to be there at 7am which means we have to leave the house at 6:30am and Grammy Pammy has to get here much earlier. I know people read this blog and your prayers are much appreciated, even if you don't comment I can feel your prayers!!

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