Thursday, March 6, 2008


If life isn't hectic enough for us right now, I had a doctor's appointment to adjust my back because well I have a lot of stress.

I told him that I think my neck is hurting because I'm growing my hair out to donate. He looked at me and said, no that's not it, when you get out of the shower I bet you throw your hair over your head and wrap it in a towel. I looked at him and was just stunned, yes I told him, and he went on to tell me that I'm giving myself whiplash every time I do that.

I just couldn't believe what I was hearing, why hadn't I heard that before?
Why hadn't I read that in one of my mommy magazines?

He then went on to adjust me and I'm feeling much better.

So, no more flipping my wet head into a towel!! Never again!!

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Julie's Blog said...

Sounds like you go to a good doctor. Wow, whip lash.... Makes sense now that you hear it.