Saturday, April 26, 2008

Farm Animals Rock!!

We took the kids to an annual farm animal and agricultural festival. The baby chicks were Lincoln's favorite, he absolutely didn't want to leave, oh how he loves those chicks.

More chicks!

Then we found the kiddie pool full corn, they had so much fun!! So much fun that when we had to leave, Lincoln bit me on my shoulder. So after a short time-out and a nice apology from him we went on to have lunch. (He hasn't bit me in over a year...he must have been really mad.)

We found the momma chicks and Lincoln watched her lay an egg, it was great!! Oh, and we heard a roster crow and then Lincoln crowed, it was priceless!!

My parents came to help out, Tim is still having trouble walking. We found a saddle so both kids took turns.
Reagan wants a guinea pig so bad, ever since she saw an episode of Charlie and Lola. Lola gets to take care of the class pet a guinea pig and the guinea pig has babies at her house. She says, "I absolutely know everything about guinea pigs." If you know about Charlie and Lola, you know what I'm talking about.

Feeding baby goats.

Baby cows.
And they ride off into the sunset, in their very own tiny dune buggy. (we didn't buy it)

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Scott and Shana said...

That's a Big Daddy dune-buggy! I wish we had that up here...